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KMK Group Ukraine

«KMK Group Ukraine» – This is a group of companies in the construction sector, which includes a national manufacturer of biological wastewater treatment plants and the official representation of world-wide enterprises producing high quality equipment and materials.

About KMK Group Ukraine

«KMK Group» –  a dynamically and successfully developing brand, which started its activities in 2004 and during this time has successfully established itself in the Ukrainian and international markets. In recent years, the KMK Group has transformed from a small enterprise into a large structure, whose partners are the leading European manufacturers. Each of the companies that are part of the Group has its own field of activity within the framework of one strategic goal – the creation of high-quality products using modern and the most environmentally friendly materials.
The production base of the KMK Group provides an opportunity to cover both the Ukrainian market and far beyond its borders. Today, our own production equipment operates in all parts of Ukraine, as well as in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Equatorial Guinea.

About companies included in the KMK Group:​

Alchimica – is a European manufacturer of construction chemicals and high-quality waterproofing materials made of polyurethane. The products of this company we are using in waterproofing different types of surfaces that require maximum accuracy, reliability and durability. In 2009, the KMK Group became the official representative and importer of Alchimica in Ukraine. During this time, hyperdesmo waterproofing from “Alchimica” covered more than 300 thousand m2 of roofs.

Topas Ukraineis a certified manufacturer of biological wastewater treatment plants on the territory of Ukraine using materials of European quality. A feature of this company is the 100% environmental friendliness of the technologies and processes which we use in the production and operation of wastewater treatment plants. By installing the autonomous sewage system “Topas Ukraine”, you care about the cleanliness of the environment, as the cleaning efficiency of these installations is up to 98%.

Paneltim – is a Belgian manufacturer of environmentally friendly plastic sandwich panels. KMK Group had started their cooperation with Paneltim in 2013 and today are the only representatives in Ukraine. Paneltim products have many advantages. It has high strength for longitudinal and transverse bending, is resistant to various aggressive chemicals, meets all European environmental standards, is practical, has a very wide scope, and much more.

QuickDeck – is a chipboard manufacturer for all types of finishing and construction works, which became the official representative of the KMK Group in 2014. QuickDeck products are manufactured using modern technology, as well as using the latest equipment from Maier-dieffenbacher. The feature of QuickDeck in a balanced combination of operational parameters of the material and its environmental cleanliness.

The accumulated experience and technological potential helped us gain the trust of the most demanding consumers and justify the reputation of a reliable partner. This is evidenced by numerous awards and thanks. All our products are certified and meet European standards. After all, the main task of KMK Group Ukraine is to create long-term and trusting relationships with our clients and partners.

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